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About DreamWeaving

The man behind DreamWeaving.
My name is Kevin Flanagan. I am a freelance web designer with many years experience. I was an early adopter to computer technology since the early days of the ZX81. I then progressed on to the Sinclair Spectrum then on to the Atari ST and from that on to the PC. The last few years have been the most interesting when it comes to computers & the Internet. More people than ever are now accessing the Internet. This has led to many people preferring to visit a companies web site before calling or visiting them in person. It is now so easy to go to the computer and do your research online.
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DreamWeaving, although relatively new actually started life quite a while ago. I would play around with HTML (the language of web pages) just to see what would happen. I then started to design web sites from scratch and found I enjoyed the whole process very much. I also do graphic design work such as the graphics on the web sites in my portfolio. This skill started in the same way as the web design side of things. I would fix low quality or damaged photographs for myself, family members and friends. I soon found out I enjoyed learning the nuances of various graphics packages and the power they give me to design and manipulate my own graphics. I can now put these skills to good use when designing web sites, small or large.


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